2021 Board Exams: Cancelled for 10th & Postponed for 12th

2021 Board Exams: Cancelled for 10th & Postponed for 12th

Regarding 2021 Board Exam in a recent notice its  published that ” The Central Board of Secondary Education earlier this week, it has been announced that the 10th board examination of the current batch will be cancelled, while the 12th board papers are yet again postponed.”

The notice states that keeping in mind the current situation of COVID 19 nation, where are many states who are imposing stricter lock downs, conducting paper of lacs of students, is not deemed feasible. The second wave of the Corona-virus has toppled the government, public and administration of their feet. Due to the contagious nature of the virus, such drastic and strong measures are being taken.

2021 Board Exams

Issued on the 14th of April, undersigned by the Controller of Examination, Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, the notice declares that, ‘The Board Exam for Class X to be held from 4th May to June 7th, 2021 are hereby cancelled.”

 2021 Board Cancelled

The declaration of such a drastic and never before seen statement, has created a frenzy among students and their peers, as the results of Class X are often deemed important in choosing streams and discipline in the future. This cancellation however, rises the question of how will the students be thus evaluated, when not allowed to sit in the nationwide exam?

CBSE provides a comprehensive answer to this query as well. The results of the current batch of X will be prepared ‘on the basis of an objective criterion to be developed by the board.’ The guidelines of this criterion are yet to be made public; the Board has not revealed the specifics of the criterion although the board gives the students a fair opportunity to sit in the exam when the situations are ‘conducive’, if he or she is not satisfied with the marks. But till further notice, the CBSE X board examination hold cancelled.

The Board for the time being has chosen to ‘postpone’ the XII board examination. The notice clearly states, “The Board Exam for Class XII to be held from May 4th to June 14th, 2021 are hereby postponed.” The future of lacs of students depends on these board examinations, which are being postponed in the wake of the pandemic.

2021 Board Exams Affected by Coronavirus

The pandemic has affected each and every aspect of human life; it is by all means the responsibility of the government to secure a future for the students. The postponement of this very crucial exam, has created mass anxiety and uncertainty among the students all over the country. The feeling of despair and anxiety is at its all time high. In these crucial years, when students must focus on studies and concentrate on securing a future, they have to deal with the despair, anxiety and uncertainty, which are psychologically damaging. Click here For Live Updates on 2021 Board Examination .

Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik over decision on 2021 Board Exams

In accordance with this notice, many State Boards too have either taken serious actions or are in the process of taking one. The Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has also directed the postponement of all board exams that were to be conducted by the State Board, till the circumstances are in favour of mass gatherings and close interaction between people. In the same way the Government of Haryana has also cancelled the X board examination of Haryana Board. The same actions have been taken by Andhra Pradesh Government and many other states.

ICSE Cancels 2021 Board Exams; Priyanka Gandhi Appreciates the Decision.

Following the suite, in a recent notice, ICSE board has also postpone for the time being, the examinations conducted by them, for the safety of the students and their peers. In a recent tweet, Priyanka Gandhi showed her appreciation in the favor of the decision, “Glad the Government has finally cancelled the 10th standard exams however a final decision MUST be taken for the 12th grade too. Keeping students under undue pressure until June makes no sense. It’s unfair. I urge the government to decide now.”, the tweet reads.

First Time in India: Cancellation of 2021 Board Exams for 10th Standard

The cancellation of the X board examinations has never been witnessed by the nation. However, it is important that certain strong measures and decisions be taken with regard to the XII board as some conformity will surely help in relieving the anxiety and uncertainty of the students. This cancellation and postponement of the  extremely important 2021 Board Exams in the life of an Indian study has led to many debates between intellectuals, and is currently the hot topic being discussed.

The question, thus arises of the future of the students, the How, What and When will they be able to overcome this tiff and get back to normal life. What will be the mode of assessment if 2021 board exam are altered.

The Corona Virus pandemic has put the world in a standstill and the sector of education is drastically affected. Though institutes have come up with the alternative of online classes, sessions, activities and webinars, which are essentially the need of the hour, but it can be collectively agreed that they are no match for classroom education, which contributes to the overall holistic development of the children. The students of XII all over the nation has urged he center to take solid and firm decisions, as the uncertainty will create an atmosphere of panic and anxiety.

Mr.Manish Sisodia on 2021 Board Exam

Delhi Education Minister, Manish Sisodia has shown his support in the favour of the students and said in an interview, “I am happy that Class X exams have been cancelled, although For Class XII, it has only been postponed. I appeal to the Central Government to promote Class XII students on the basis of internal assessment & remove their anxiety.”

As renowned people are showing support and urging government to take concrete measures, it can be predicted that some decision will soon be taken, however uncertainty prevails, till any other official notice is announced. Till then it is advised to the students, to maintain an atmosphere of calm. The government will surely do what is best for the students of the country.

It is extremely crucial to maintain a positive environment so as not lose hope. As the students are urging the boards for a concrete decision, it can be assumed that strong decisions and actions will be taken shortly in the favour of the students.