JEE Main Preparation Tips And Complete Study Plan

With JEE Main just around the corner, there are just a few days left for one of the most challenging and popular engineering entrance examinations in the country. Lakhs of candidates are set to appear for the Joint Entrance Exam in which we will see some of the brightest minds in the country pitted against each other in this fiercely competitive examination.

Cracking JEE Main is not an easy task. It sometimes requires months or even years of hard work and preparation. Most of the aspirants usually start their preparations at least a year ahead while some tend to start a month or two before the scheduled examination date. While everybody has their own strategy and study plans for the exam preparation but they end up cracking under pressure or when anxiety kicks in.

If you’re one of those who is coming under immense pressure due to depleting time for preparation, we have a complete study plan for you to prepare better for the JEE Mains exam. This will not only give you great tips but also increase your chances of cracking the examination.

The aim is to follow study plan for as long as possible. While it’s impossible to maintain such high levels of efficiency, at least 8 hours of study is possible in a day. Waking up early in the morning would be the preferred way to start the ritual and avoid late-night studies as it will only create havoc in your preparation. Utilize 7 days for revising and practising necessary drawings and charts and focus more on important class 12th topics as they feature majorly in the exam. Allot the remaining 3 days for relaxing so that any sort of anxiety could be avoided.

Click Here to Download Sample Paper of JEE Mains 2021

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Best Study Plan for JEE Main in Last 1-2 Months

  1. Make a routine for yourself. Nope, not a detailed one. Just a list of the subjects you want to read daily in the upcoming days. Don’t list down what topics you would read.
  2. Get a copy of the syllabus for Mains printed. This is more of a confidence-boosting thing as you can keep a track of how much you are prepared. Seeing the prepared things crossed off some list helps calm our erratic mindset in the remaining months and helps boost self-confidence.
  3. Make a list of the daily goals for the next day before bedtime. After waking up the next day, see your list, get a bearing of what you have to do for the day and enjoy completing your goals.
  4. Adopt a recreational method of your own. As surprising as it may seem, this is the most important thing you have to do in the last few months of JEE Main preparation. Anything is suitable: going out to play, going for a walk, listening to music, watching comedy shows or as in my case, a little out-of-tone bathroom singing. Mindset is the most important thing that differentiates between the toppers and the others during JEE. So always stay refreshed mentally.
  5. Solve as many practice papers you can. If you feel you are prepared in a particular subject, go through the previous years question papers and solve them keeping in mind the time you have allotted to that subject for yourself during the actual exam. Don’t focus on the marks you are getting. Focus on improving your speed and accuracy. And that requires a lot of practice. I, for one, had given around 30 full length papers keeping the time in mind. As an added challenge, in some papers, I used to keep 2:30 hrs time instead of the normal 3 hrs time so as to improve on my speed, and it helped a great deal.
  6. Last week’s preparation. Don’t start on any new topics. Go through the topics from the JEE Main syllabus and make sure you aren’t missing out on any, especially the fringe topics, like the last 2–3 chapters of Physics, Chemistry and Math. Go through previous years papers and get an understanding of the level of questions.
  7. Don’t solve any other practice papers during the last week. Previous years papers have exactly JEE Main standard questions while some practice papers might have a higher standard. Solving them would lead to a decline in confidence level.
  8. Enjoy your family time and don’t devote too much time in talking to friends and knowing how much their preparation is. If possible, don’t talk to them at all. Believe in yourself. In the exam hall, that’s what would actually get you through.
  9. The day before D-Day. Don’t go anywhere near JEE books, if you can help it. Enjoy the whole day, of course don’t do anything reckless. Listen to songs, read story books, see comedy videos on YouTube etc. I, for one, played table tennis with my Dad for a major part of the day. Just keep your mind off the tension for the next day. Get a good night’s sleep.
  10. The D-Day. Approach the most important day of your life as if it’s just like any other day. Stay cool, calm and focused. Enjoy solving the exam, don’t treat it as a life-changing event. It’s just another exam.

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A Complete Guide for IIT JEE – JEE Main – JEE Advanced Exam

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JEE Main Preparation Tips

In this section, we will look at some of the important JEE preparation tips that will help you study effectively and be well prepared to face the exam.

Use The Right Books

You should get hold of the books that are actually useful and add to your preparation. Normally, NCERT books are recommended by many but there are other good books which you can refer and gain proper knowledge about certain concepts and topics. Click here to know the best books for IIT JEE.

Understand The JEE Main Exam Pattern

This is one of the first and important tasks that you should do before the final exams. During your JEE Main preparation, you should find out about the exam pattern, understand it thoroughly and plan accordingly to achieve your desired result. Get detailed information about the JEE Main exam pattern by clicking the given link.

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Know The Syllabus

It is wrong to completely ignore the syllabus. Knowing the JEE Main syllabus has a lot of benefits. By getting a complete overview of the syllabus you will gain valuable insights and information about important chapters and topics that you should focus on, objectives of the authors and question setters and a lot of other meaningful details. This will also help you in developing a well-organized preparation strategy for JEE Main exam.

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Solve JEE Main Question Papers

During your JEE Main preparation, you should also solve question papers whether they are sample papers or previous year papers. As you keep engaging yourself in solving question papers you will slowly get familiar with the question pattern, types of questions, duration of the exam, and marking scheme. You can access all the JEE Main question paper by following the given link.

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Attempt Mock Tests To Get Familiar With The Real Exam Scenario  

In addition to solving the question papers, you should practice often by taking mock tests in order to succeed in the exams. Mock tests will help you get familiar with the real exam scenario where JEE Main is usually conducted in computer-based mode. Further, mock tests will help you to significantly enhance your exam-taking and time management abilities. You can take the JEE Main mock test by visiting the link.  

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Subject-Wise Preparation Tips For JEE Main

When we talk about subject-wise preparation, we advise you to give proper time and attention to each, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


Math is one subject that requires both theoretical and problem-solving skills. You have to be efficient at both. You should first understand the theory completely and then apply it to solve various problems. The only way to master maths and develop better math fluency is by practising. You can get a comprehensive set of IIT JEE Maths Study Material by simply following the link.

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Physics is another subject that requires a deep understanding of the concept and applying it in various scenarios (real-world) as well as in solving different mathematical problems. Develop a clear understanding of all the core concepts and try to avoid rote learning. You can get better at the subject by making use of the right IIT JEE Physics Study Material which we have already prepared for you.

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Chemistry usually involves a lot of reactions, their mechanisms and equations. Furthermore, you should get familiar and be thorough with all the names, symbols and diagrams while learning chemistry for JEE. Normally, for this section, you can prepare well from the NCERT books. For other IIT JEE Chemistry Study Material, you can visit the given link.

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General Preparation Tips For JEE Main

Below we have mentioned general preparation tips for JEE Main.

  • Spend more time on areas that you’re weak in. To get a hold of the concept, practice regularly and stay updated.
  • Do not skip any topic that you feel is not up to your task or is unnecessary.
  • Make short notes of formulas, concepts, pointers and important chapters.
  • Self-evaluate regularly as per your comfort.
  • Have a positive mindset and stay motivated.
  • Stay healthy and fit both mentally and physically. Eat good food, rest well and remove any stress by engaging yourself in some fun activities.

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