Joint Entrance Examination Date 2021

Joint Entrance Examination Date 2021: Safety or Uncertainty?

Joint Entrance Examination Date 2021

Phase 3 Postponed: April-May Session Delayed

Result has been announced on 25th March 2021 for the March session of JEE Mains 2021; either the first session among the declared four sessions by NTA. The Answer Key for March JEE Mains 2021 session has also been released. The examination inspection of all days is available now for March session.

Joint Entrance Examination 2021 Mains April Session Exam Admit Card 2021 is expected to release within a few days. The examination will be conducted on April 27, 28, 29, and 30, 2021. The candidate can download his admit card from the official website

Generally, the admit cards for Joint Entrance Examination is released 7-10 days prior the commencement of the exam. However,  any official update as to when the admit card will be released is yet not updated by NTA.

Joint Entrance Examination 2021 Best Tips & Tricks

best tips tricks to crack jee mains 2021

Will the March Joint Entrance Examination 2021 Session Examination Analysis Will Bring Any Difference in the Rest Sessions?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is authorized to conduct Joint Entrance Examination 2021 Mains & Advance exams. The exams will be conducted between the month of February and May 2021. Joint Entrance Examination is termed as the hardest exam as the competition is very high. To clear this exam speed plays an important role rather than the thorough study of the subject.

Speed is a crucial factor to solve exercises. Students must practice gaining higher speed. The following article contains some study hacks to crack Joint Entrance Examination Main &  Advance.

IIT- Joint Entrance Examination is considered the most prestigious exam conducted by the Ministry of Indian Education, which opens doors to thousands of students in the most renowned Engineering Institutions of the country. Every year, thousands of students appear in the exam but it is only a few who crack it and further go on to study the different disciplines of engineering from Civil to Mechanical & beyond.

For Joint Entrance Examination  2021 Hall Tickets & Registrations  related updates you can directly visit the NTA updates. 

Joint Entrance Examination  2021 Exam Study Tips

There are just a few days left for one of the most challenging engineering entrance examinations in the country.

Lakhs of aspirants are set to appear for the Joint Entrance Examination in which we will see some of the powerful  minds in the country competing against each other.

If you are also coming under extreme pressure due to lack of time, we have a complete study plan for your better preparation. This will not only give you amazing tips but will also increase your chance of cracking the examination.

Joint Entrance Examination Mains 2021 Study Plan &  Materials To Help You Provide a Road-map to Success

Joint Entrance Examination 2021

First of all, make an organized plan for the exam. They should study 3-4 hours daily. Plan judiciously to cover all the topics. Clear your doubts from the faculty. Solve as many questions as possible.

An organized roaster will help you to balance your self-studies along with classes. Students should have the appropriate idea of the syllabus of the Joint Entrance Examination . The syllabus and exam pattern will be easily available on the official website.

For Joint Entrance Examination 2021 Study Material

Previous Year Joint Entrance Examination Mains Question Papers 

Solving the previous year’s question paper increases your chance of cracking the exam. The papers make you familiar with the exam pattern and you get a clear idea about the types of questions and numbering patterns. The question paper is accessible online.

It also helps aspirants in increasing the speed of solving questions. A lot of study material is available online and in the market. Aspirants should select study materials wisely. There are many educators who provide study materials to crack Joint Entrance Examination .

Making Important Notes and Revision 

When you have very few days left it is just next to impossible to revise whole chapters. The best solution to it is to mark notes for each chapter which includes important formulas, facts, and shortcuts of the chapter.

Joint Entrance Examination  2021 Syllabus 

Students must know and possess a thorough knowledge of the syllabus that the committee plans. They must regularly check on the updated versions of the curriculum. A keen eye on the syllabus will help you prepare in the right direction while managing time and not investing it on less important topics.

Joint Entrance Examination  2021 : Quality or  Quantity?

Students must gather all relevant study materials months before the exam and must devote time in making quality notes of each chapter, topic, or theory. Precise good quality and brief notes will help one to revise before the exam in a short amount of time. Intensely complicated and quantitative notes may hinder the revision process. Therefore, it is usually advised to look for quality studies over quantity.

Theories and Basic Concepts to Crack Joint Entrance Examination Main 2021

Students must possess the basic knowledge associated with theories and concepts, most of the time it is our understanding of the basics that help us solve increasingly complicated questions.

The paper consists of both theory questions and numerical, and therefore, one must possess good knowledge of the theories which will eventually help them in solving numerical as well.

Pattern for Joint Entrance Examination Mains 2021 : Marking schemes & More

The students should know about the pattern of the paper, the sections in which it would be divided in and the weightage of marks that each section and question will carry.

This awareness will help them to focus on the questions whose answers they are sure of and save themselves from the negative marking, as it has been noticed that it is usually the negative marks that prevent students from reaching the cutoffs.

Solving Joint Entrance Examination 2021  Practice Papers

Students must devote a great amount of time to solving the practice papers and previous years’ question papers. This will help them to know their real stand and the extent of their preparations. Self-awareness of one’s own knowledge assists us in preparing with renewed vigor and work on areas that we find ourselves weak in.

Time Management Is The Key To Success In Joint Entrance Examination Mains

Students must manage and assign time to each section and question, the paper may be seen as lengthy and it is often the lack of time management that hinders one’s way in clearing the exam. Students must be judicious enough to devote equal amounts of time to each question and complete the paper within the given frame of time.

By following the above-mentioned steps, one can ensure success in cracking the IIT – JEE and securing a seat in the most prestigious institutions of the country, and become a certified Engineer of good repute.

Latest Updates Regarding Joint Entrance Examination 2021 can be found on the official website of National Testing Agency. 

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