Best Students Mr Tara Kant BE (Mechanical Engineering) – LNCT Group of College (2020 Batch)


This is Tara Kant; I am student of Mechanical Engineering Batch 2020 from LNCT, Bhopal. My father is retired from Indian Army from Subedar Major rank on 1 January 2021. My mother is a House Maker with an experience of 6 year in teaching. I belong to a small village, named Silout from Muzaffarpur, a city in Bihar state.

My School Life: LNCT Group 

I did my schooling from different states of India due to regular transfer of my father at certain period. I started my school from Army School, Shriganga Nagar, Rajasthan where I studied up to class second, then moved to Army School, Kapurthala, Punjab and studied there up to class fifth then move to Army school, Shriganga Nagar,Rajasthan again where I studied from class sixth and completed seventh class there, then I move to Army school,Babina  Canth, Uttar Pradesh, where I completed my schooling up to tenth and then move to Kota, Rajasthan for my 11th and 12th Standard .

There I also did coaching from Resonance Edu ventures Pvt. Ltd. Here my school life completed

Life at LNCT Group

I started searching college for my bachelor’s degree in engineering. During my school life I gain interest in Computer software and automobiles with some machine components, since then I wished that I could pursue my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Soon Istarted searching college and then here I found LNCT Group, Bhopal as the best option to pursue my further degree education. I started my College on 23 August 2016 onwards. The feelings were mixed; I was ready to explore the new horizons of my interest.

In my first semester; I explored the basics of engineering concepts. This was also a crucial time as my thoughts & concepts got clarified in upcoming semesters.

Patents & Research Work

Then in second semester;

I heard about Patents and Research by one of our faculty Dr. Vikas Pare Sir and thought that I should try this once. Hence I started to learn Mechanical Software named Autodesk, AutoCAD and Autodesk Fusion 360 in my second semester, which helped me to design my first design for patent.

The topic of that filing patent was “A smartphone design” and I successfully filed that application for design in 1st week of March in 2017. Then I gained confidence and with proper guidance; I have started my research in Micro Machines. I wrote my review and original data research papers over the same. Then again, I filed my second patent as design application in second semester as “SteeringWheel Design and Mechanism.

This was mere a starting to my journey, in third semester I was fully confidence in patents and research papers. My interest developed towards software’s & I started learning software other than mechanical engineering, which helped me to work in different domains and continue to my patent filing and my research work was also going on.

Then up to 5th semester I completed my 6 patents and got my 4 utility applications published and my 1 design application got published and granted with a copyright also. In the whole process LNCT Group & My faculties was throughout with me and helped me to initiate my journey towards my true potential.

I filled around 16 patent applications in 6th semester. Then I completed my research in Micro Machining with learning the concepts of Siemens controller-based CNC machine form LNCT Group campus workshop( LNCT campus workshop).

Training’s & Exposure at LNCT Group

I have done my training from BHEL Bhopal and TATA Motors, Jamshedpur in different domains and learnt different things related to my research and my ideas for implementation. In 5th semester I have done my short- term course on Entrepreneurship from RGPV, Bhopal under TEQIP-3, and two other courses from IIT Indore and NIT Surat.

My Startup

In that same semester I registered my Start-up named Eduguide Consultancy Private Limited in Bhopal.In seventh and eight semesters I was the designer and testing leader of go kart of LNCT team. I have done many assemblies and operations at that time on different mechanical projects and learnt several skills including 3D printing and many more.

Practical Training & Industrial Skills at LNCT Group

LNCT Group has helped me a lot in providing a better platform to learn some important industrial requirements and start up based skills. It has provided me some of the important workshops that enhanced my confidence that will help me a lifelong learning and implementation processes in various sectors and domains of my life.Faculties at LNCT Group & Management has help me and supported me a lot in all the important tasks i.e., related to my research work or the new inventions.

Dr. Amitbodh Upadhyay sir, Dr. Naveen Aggarwal sir and all faculties helped and supported me till the last day of my college and also supporting me after that. And special thanks to management team and Dr. Anupam Choksey sir to provide a clear and rigid background for my requirements to get fulfilled.

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