Life at LNCT: Case Study Dharmita Kaithwas Batch 2018

LNCT is an Experience; I am Dharmita Kaithwas. I work as a Manager in recruitment services at TechDoQuest Inc, which is a Canadian-based company.


My Family


Ours is a four-member family, my mother and 2 siblings. Mother is a house maker, elder sister is pursuing her Master’s of Architecture in Italy, and younger brother is pursuing Bachelors of Engineering in Civil from LNCT Group Bhopal.

My School        


I was born and brought up in Nimach, MP. I finished my 11th and 12th from Carmel Convent Sr. Sec School in Nimach. During my school days, I enhanced my leisure interest which is writing, dancing and singing. After my board exams, I was unsure which stream to choose, and then my father suggested Civil. I also wanted to pick something different and challenging. Hence started my Civil Engineering journey, which I think a lot of girls try to avoid.

My Life at LNCT

Lucky enough and I got admission to LNCT College, and from here, the second phase of my life started, where I have learned a lot.

LNCT gave me many opportunities to learn, build confidence and explore better options for myself. Even after being from the core branch, we always got opportunities from outside. In my 2nd semester, I got the chance to join AIESEC, which is an international youth firm. Here students across the world work together to help in providing international and national internships.

Earlier it was not introduced in LNCT, so with the help of Ashok Rai sir and Anuj Garg sir, I arranged an AIESEC seminar in the college through which students got a chance to go on international internships.

Later in the 6th semester, we had our campus placements wherein all I.T. and core companies came in. The best part I found about LNCT Group was that it is never biased when providing opportunities to their students and giving them the right platform. During Campus placements, I got a chance to explore I.T. companies, and then I was interviewed for a U.S. Recruitment company named Rang Technologies, and I got selected. From that moment, I was self-reliant and gratified.

In the next three and a half years, I have been promoted as Manager for my department, managing the entire team working in India. Along with it I am also handling client relations across U.S. and Canada. And I do play a significant role in internal hiring. All this was possible because LCNT Group has given me the right platform and knowledge.

I am thankful to LNCT Group for giving me the platform which helped me reach this level. LNCT is one of the best colleges where you can explore yourself to the best, and hence, I suggested my younger brother to choose the same college. We should not limit ourselves to the core stream and always keep our options open. We must identify our core strengths and choose the right opportunity which will amplify our strengths and dreams.

Being a civil engineer, I picked the chance with an I.T company and gave my 100% to be successful. I am and will always be thankful to LNCT, which has provided me with a platform to reach where I am today wherein I am self-assured well pleased and most importantly, contended.

Thank you!


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