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MBA in Data Analytics Boom Today & Beyond 2021

MBA in Data Analytics  Visualisation is one of the most in-demand course of 2021, as the world is moving towards data & automation such courses are the most demanded ones to conquer the future.

MBA is one of the most prestigious and in-demand degrees that deal with the sector of marketing and services, in order to remain better revenues. In the face of the pandemic, experts were forced to stir up their creative juices and come up with innovative solutions to conquer various problems.

The study of Business Administration is pivotal in conquering the market and coping up with the changing trends. On the other hand, with the advancement of Science and Technology, many new fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Robotics along with others are emerging.

These fields of technology assist the consumer in operating various software and applications that in turn make our lives easy. In the past few years, the rapid growth of technology and its intervention in sectors has given rise to various specializations in the study that constitute of both the fields, of business and technology.

Keeping in view, the immense potential that this holds many institutes and organizations have come up with specialized courses that equip students with various necessary skills of business, accounting, economics along with technical fields of algebra, programming languages etc.

MBA in Data Analysis is one such course that amalgamates the principle of these two fields together. Major companies and recruiters employ skilled individuals who hold expertise in both the fields of business and tech.

The course is relatively new but holds the power to change and revolutionize the world in the coming times. MBA in Data Analysis covers a wide range of fields of study which includes, but is not limited to, Data Sciences, Statistics, Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Principles of Mathematics and Economics along with others.

The course aims to inculcate and enhance the skills of individuals in the above mentioned fields, which will eventually help them in becoming an asset to the companies employing and securing the best of job opportunities in the coming times.

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The Industry Experts train the aspirants, a face to face session and curriculum is designed to help students grasp industry best knowledge & exposure. To understand this course it is advised to have some fundamental knowledge of data , analyse the data methodology, techniques, Python using business case studies,,powerful dashboards, Power BI & Tableau Data Visualization powerful tool of data along with a strong focus on business case studies such as TV,Print,Radio,OOH to ensure hands on learning.

Data analytics has proven its worth time and again by helping businesses examine structured and unstructured datasets and extract useful information so key stakeholders can make more-informed, more effective decisions. Analytics can be prescriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and/or descriptive to produce insights, observe trends, compare metrics, and more.

The graduate & Post graduate Engineering programmers in Data Analytics at LNCTU University are about providing an innovative education filled with discovery, and dissemination of knowledge.
The reason data analytics is limited might be simple enough. Data analytics helps businesses understand the data they have collected. More precisely, it helps them become cognizant of the performance metrics within the collected data that are most impactful to the business. And it can provide a clearer picture of the business conditions that are of greatest concern to decision-makers.

Changing Trends – MBA in Data Analytics & Visualisation


MBA in Data Analytics

The face of the current market is essentially different from that of before. Today’s market varies a great deal from the former one, and major changes are expected to take place in the future as well. The ever changing and improvising face of the market is one of the biggest challenges that economists, marketers and entrepreneurs face.

With the rapid growth of technology these changes are not likely to slow down anytime sooner. It is the need of the hour for experts to devise ways and means that will make it easier for them to cope and adapt to the changing market. Therefore, the importance of a Business degree in technical fields has caught the eye of aspirants.

This amalgamation of the two has now become increasingly important and aspirants are actively encouraged to pursue them. Students have started to recognize the latent potential that these fields and especially the course hold.

Major companies and firms too, are now constantly on the lookout of able individuals who are trained and equipped to deal with these changing trends and evolving market. The skill set developed on the pursuing of these two fields is an invaluable asset and is greatly respected.

  • Digitalization of Market and Services- The changing trends of the mainly caused by the rapid and increasing digitalization of the market and services. This change was apparently more clearly highlighted in the pandemic. Worldwide lockdown forced, many businesses and services compelled them to access the internet space and operate online.

Many businesses have also emerged in these times and prospered greatly.  The shift of market and services from ground level to online platforms is the biggest change noticed in a while. It is also one of the biggest challenges.

It has now become the need of the hour for experts to apply their knowledge in practical ways and reach their target audience as quickly as possible. With experts creating user-based services, and predicting behaviour models, the professionals who hold experience in both tech and business are crucial for the survival and propagation of the company or firm in the given times.

The rapid digitalization of the market and services is one among the biggest change in trends that the world has witnessed in a long time, and experts are necessary to help us navigate the change. This trend shows no signs of ceasing and therefore, it is important to prepare skilful aspirants that will prove to an asset and assist the industry to grow and prosper.

  • Advancement of Technology – The rapid advancement of technologies is another great trend setter in the coming times. With the growth of technology, we are becoming highly dependent on it and it has proven to make our lives much easy.

A great instance of the same can be seen in the form of Alexa or Siri, who are capable of interpreting human behaviour based on the input given and its own observations.

This high reliability of humans on technology has also changed some trends of the market. It is now important to examine and analyze human behaviour in order to synthesize predictive models of the same which can be then be used in planning better and efficient market schemes and techniques.

This requires a core and deep understanding of both the fields that is business management, marketing schemes and the application of technology. As it has been made clear, experts who possess knowledge of both aspects are required to help the business propagate and grow. The fast growth of science and technology therefore is one of the aspects that cause the trends to change.

In the current times, technology greatly influences the market in many ways, and therefore the importance of individuals who cater to both the needs of business and technology is important.

Their deep knowledge of both the fields that make them an invaluable asset, that are relentlessly searched by firms both big and small. Experts are readily employed based on their calibre with the sole responsibility of working for the betterment of the company and generating better returns and revenues.

Owing to the changing trends and the ever changing market, some of the most highly renowned and prestigious jobs those aspirants pursuing an MBA in Data Analytics

The changing trends of the market are efficiently tackled and navigated by experts in the field. The field although is challenging and requires continuous efforts and innovative ideas. But, nevertheless it can be fairly concluded that professionals who hold a strong knowledge of both will witness a fulfilling future and promising career.

The advancement of technology and changing trends will surely pose challenges which will, in turn, create new job opportunities and expand the scope of the career of such experts and individuals. It is precisely these changes that will create better career options and assist in the professional growth of the individuals.

Aspirants who possess a keen interest in these two fields of business marketing and technology must surely consider pursuing their graduation or post graduation in Data Analytics and Visualization, for a prosperous and fulfilling future.

The change in trends that are caused by the improvisation of technology will surely prove to be beneficial to the market and will be efficiently tackled by experts, and hence the importance of individuals with a deep understanding of both the fields is surely to grow.

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