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LNCT MBA HR Manager & Trainer –Srajan Welfare


LNCT MBA HR Manager: My story was one of the most exclusive stories if I would compare from the world. Shikha’s life was full of high challenges, being an elder daughter in the family, every parent does expect that the elder child should be excellent in every field whether it is in studies, co-curricular activities or extra-curricular activities.


The word SHIKHA means to achieve and climb the highest peaks. Gradually I started taking knowledge from wherever I can get and this is the result where I became the most talented person from the starting of my early childhood. So anyway I did my schooling, then Engineering, then coming up to the main story that is very much twisting and most interesting. Getting selection in more than 6 companies is not a minute achievement and that too in the period of Demonetization. But I was looking for somewhere else.

I always wanted to study more and more. This is for all who are reading out my story that, ALWAYS CONTINUE YOUR STUDIES, YOU WILL NOT BE KNOWING WHERE WILL BE YOUR DESTINATION AND WHERE MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN.

Wait for the particular arrow that will take you to the direct opportunity. Yes, my opportunity was with LNCT that I did not ever think. At the time I finished my graduation was searching to opt for something that can give me the best result for my career. And then it was August 2017, when one of my friends suggested applying for an MBA. MBA assisted me to relish my skills in terms of management, understanding the business more effectively and can apply for the blended opportunities. That was the time when I made my 100% mind to pursue MBA as my postgraduate.

This will give a combo result in terms of technical + management as it will give me the multitasking abilities of engineering and MBA. Now where to do the MBA, which college is best for me was the big question? Then I have done too many searches and analyses, and came to the conclusion that why not LNCT? That was the day when I was finding out my fee structure and this college was the one that helped to provide scholarship and my entire fees was null, not just because of the scholarship but because of the grade that I earned in my graduation time.

I was one of the top ten students who scored the highest marks and this result helped me where LNCT admitted me in 0 (Zero) Fee Structure for pursuing MBA. That was the best day of my life where I was entering the second phase of the study to start post-graduation of 2 years professional program and I didn’t even have to take any money from my parents(The financial condition of my home was not good at that time).

I was done with the orientation program on 17th August 2017 and started my classes with more than 200 students consisting of LNCT-Mains and LNCT- Excellence. Being a regular student I started attending all the lectures delivered by the professor. I was happy when I heard that LNCT is going to provide complete attire with Blazer, which made me felt that I am going to a professional Job.


Now Let me reveal what was my other challenges?

Being a science student you will face many difficulties and barriers to understanding commerce subjects and concepts. I still remembered when Vinita Ma’am used to teach the subjects – Accounting for Managers and it was filled with commerce concepts like debit and credit, balance sheet, accounts, etc, in which I was zero. I did not know any terminologies and it was a bit difficult for me in the initial stage.

Now you must be thinking of what about me. So I was often scolded by Vinita Mam as my concepts were getting cleared and I was pissed off. Anyhow I understood the theoretical knowledge and slowly started solving problems. I was too curious about my Ist semester result, when one of my classmates shared my mark sheet I was happy finally for getting passed in the subject on Accounting for Managers.

At that time every student was very scared of Vinita Mam and her lecture, even me too because she used to call students on the blackboard to draw balance sheets. I was never making eye contact, if coincidently I match my eyes with her she would be definitely calling me. This was one of my biggest fears and I get rid of it by the second semester.


LNCT gave me the opportunity to represent the college and participating in the Intercollege debate competition held at Jagran lakecity University, I also participated in LNCT-fest, dance competition, various activities held on a weekly basis where several faculties are given guidance to me on how to take part and how to become the team leaders, and manager. LNCT not only invites the students to the tech fest but also invites the parents that are genuinely unique

Then coming up to the next great platform that I have achieved and learned is how to organize the event, hosting the program and how to do Anchoring as I was eagerly waiting for this moment. The faculty took out the list of the students who were confident in public speaking, engaging the live audience. Yes, I felt proud to be called out the name – Dr Neel Rai Sir, Dr Sapna Awasthi, Bhawana Likhitkar Ma’am, Sunil Atulkar Sir, and Pooja Shukla Ma’am who shortlisted my name to organize and performing anchoring for the International conferences of SAMA organized by LNCT MBA.

I was a little nervous as to how to organize such a big platform where I would be confronted by renowned delegates from all over India but I was motivated, that LNCT gave this opportunity to me.


At last, the conferences went awesome in September 2018 and my research paper was also published in one of their journals. My happiness knew no bounds and widened with pride when Dr, Neel Rai Sir patted on my back in front of all the delegates, this was the greatest blessing I ever achieved. Also, I started becoming the TOPPER OF LNCT MBA BATCH in the IInd, IIIrd, & IVth semesters.

Again I got the chance to perform anchoring for my upcoming juniors in Fresher Party where they started knowing me well, and this is how I maintained the status. Everyone was curious to know who is Shikha Sharma. The time passes by where I was awarded the Internship Star & was selected by multiple companies organized by the LNCT placement cell.

At present, I am the HR Manager and Trainer of Srajan Welfare that is specialized to provide education, training and internship all over India. Being an HR of the organization is privileged for me to work in a global organization where we are specialized in three subdomains. Also, I am specialized in business development and helped many startups that are doing great at present.

I would be glad if there come more and more students from LNCT Campus from every course. So whatever I am, all is because of LNCT groups of college, I would like to thanks my parents, faculty who have supported me to grew up my skills and made me ready to face the platform.

I feel heartily privileged for being alumni of LNCTians. I am wholeheartedly there to assist my juniors and ready to get collaborate. It was just because of the amazing people that made my career a one peak point.

⦁ Thank You LNCT Groups of College
⦁ Proud to be an Alumni !!!!!
⦁ Take care and Good-Bye
⦁ Be in touch with me……….

My Insights on MBA

This degree prepares students to create a toolkit of quantitative and soft skills in business and management that they may apply to advance their careers. An MBA school will teach you how to communicate in business terms, lead a team, and develop and analyze company plans.

An MBA can improve your professional marketability and raise the quality and quantity of opportunities. Full-time job offers are provided to over 98 percent of MBA graduates. An MBA also aids in the development of company leadership abilities and a professional network.


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